Tuesday 30 August 2011


Hello Peeps, here I am with my 2nd offering as part of the Smeared Ink Design Team.

Over at Smudgy Antics  this week, the Challenge is "Up in Flames" - create a project that is burnt, scorched, charred etc. etc ..... you get the idea. :-D 
I had a right wheeze doing this, as at one point part of my project went up in flames !!!!  I guess the inks from my laser printer are a little more flammable than I expected... snort !!!

Anyways, I have used my Castle Room backing (again..  I hear you cry.... but it works sooo well with what I wanted to do). My main images are Lucifer and Thurston from the Gargoyle Set from Smeared Ink. I coloured them in my graphics programme and then put them into the room, adding some shadows. My Fire is from Delicious Doodles and I 'paper pieced' this onto an image of real flames and then I stuck it on with silicone to make it 3D.  My little fire is roasting something for the Guys dinner (that's the bit that's burnt + scorched ) but I think Thurston is a little upset !!!   bwaahahahaha

Let's hope I don't get in trouble for this one !!!!!!  Weeeeell,... if ya can't take a joke - ya shouldn't have joined is what I say !! hahahah

Do pop over and join in at Smudgy Antics 'cos we'd LOVE to have you. :-)   Go on ..... take a walk on the wild side :-D

Challenges I am entering;
The Corrosive Challenge Blog 131 - Come to the Dark Side
The Crafty Pad 136 - Distressing

Sunday 28 August 2011


Hello Peeps,

I have been really busy this week and now trying to get the quiz questions done for the cat charity Quiz next week, I very nearly forgot about the Macabre Monday Challenge over at Haunted Design House.  This week it is Carnival Of Curiosities and we are to make a creepy circus or carnival image. Well, I decided to make a scary clown. He is originally coloured with watercolour pencils and then scanned into the computer so that I could print him 4 times and 3D him.  He is set against an old carnival poster and I have added some words by the wonderful Ray Bradbury, just to finish off the scariness. :-D

Challenges I am entering:
Haunted Design House Macabre Monday Challenge HDH103 - Carnival Of Curiosities

Friday 26 August 2011


Hi Folks,

I was asked to do a quickie digi for a friend, so this week I offer you an Akita. I've put a couple of little extras on there too. I know I have also been asked for a Bearded Collie a couple of weeks back, so I think I may do a run on Dogs for the next couple of weeks.... how's that ?
                                            IMAGE REMOVED

OK - off to the beach now... we sweated at 52 degrees yesterday and I cannot work in this heat !!!!  So, am going snorkling :-D

Wednesday 24 August 2011


Ooooh .... Me again today Folks,

I am entering this little piece for the 'Gothic Newborn' Challenge over at Smudgy Antics - of which, I'm sure you all know by now, I am a Design Team Member. Group A are showcasing their creations on this week's Challenge, which means I get to enter... WOOT !!
Now, I have used my 'Castle Room' digi (available in Shop) as a home for my baby - not exactly newborn, but kinda cute nonetheless :-)
The babe is from  Stamp Fairy and I have coloured it sort of zombie green. I paper pieced the little romper suit using a paper from Jennifer Vouyakas-Smith. I have also cut out the babe 3 times and layered it to make it 3D. Ghostly screaming mother in the background is from Mountain Goat Designs.
I have one of the excellent bats from Smeared Ink up in the corner there, and he is from the 'Little Bit Batty' set. Oh, and Smeared Ink have had a glorious facelift to the site which you MUST go and see....... the whole experience is tons better and the shopping is sooooo much easier LoL
Anyways, here it is ........
All together now.....Aaaawwwwwww !!  :-)


Hello Peeps,

It's time for Freaky Friday Challenge 5 over at Forever Night Challenges. This is a relatively new site I have found and here's what they say on their Welcome.....
"For those who enjoy the dark side of crafting.
We create challenges with an dark edgy theme in mind. Such as Emo, Gothic, Steam punk and punk Just keep in mind that Halloween, also cute is great but the darker the better."

So....perfect for those of you who want to dabble your toes into something a little different :-)
Anyways, this week's Challenge is "Mystical Women" and they are sponsored by the fabulous Delicious Doodles . 
I have used my own digi - Witchy Mou - and teamed her with a background paper from Crafty Chaos Designs - the 'Jezebel's Remains' set. I also used a black Doily from Poppy's Cabin and the Happy Mother's Day rose design sentiment is from Delicious Doodles.

Saturday 20 August 2011


This is my entry for the Macabre Monday - 'Queen of the Damed' Challenge' over at Haunted Design House. The criteria is....
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that uses royalty, crowns, and/or thrones as the focus.

'Nuff said ......


Oh I am sooooo late this week for our Challange over at Stamp, Scrap & Doodle Saturdays. Our theme this week is Sympathy/Get Well.
I have whipped this up quickly using papers from Susan Godfrey - 'City Spring' scrap kit and the main image is 'Dr Doctor' from Smeared Ink's CREEPERS set..... isn't he just one craaaayyyzzzeeee dude ???? :-D

I tell ya.... if he came at me snapping them rubber glovvies, I'd be off down the road like a long dog, and no messin'          :-D    hahaha
I am sending this card off to the Cards for Ryan Appeal

Hope it may give him or someone a little chuckle xxxxxxxxxx
It's all ready to post to Ryan now once we get the new address to send them to. :-)



A Castle .......

AND a Knight to go with it :-D

                                                             GALLOPED OFF BACK TO STORE

Monday 15 August 2011


Me again today :-D.

I have done this little Mini card this afternoon. I snagged a Freebie digi from Dude Time Doodles and he's called 'Gavin Ghost'. I painted him in my graphics programme and stuck him on with silicone so that he pops out a bit. I added the  whispering 'Tempter' and a sentiment tag. The background is from the Tempus Fugit 'Boo' range of papers from Digital Scrap Cafe.

Challenges I am entering;
Dude Time Doodles - August Guest Designer Freebie Challenge
Forever Night Challenges - Freaky Friday Challenge 4.. Mini Dark Art


Hello Creepy Peeps,

Here is my first creation as a member of the Smeared Ink Design Team - woot woot :-D

I have used images from the Mad Science set and added some pikkies of dead Divas in the glass bottles. :-) I've got Marilyn Munro, Bette Davis and Judy Garland and in the other one.... in case you hadn't noticed...... it's someone we all know and don't necessarily love, and it begins with 'T'...... snort !!!  I think Judy seems pretty distressed about that by the looks of her.   hahahaha 

Now if you fancy a little entry to this Challenge, then whizz over to Smudgy Antics and fill your creepy little booties :-D   You must use AT LEAST 1 Smeared Ink image on your project. You are allowed to use anything else that you like. Your project can be anything (card, scrapbook page, altered or 3D item, etc) as long as it is handmade and stamped somewhere with either a rubber or digital stamp. If you are an all Digi person, you can even enter totally digital projects.... how cool is that ????   
I didn't do that this time. I have cut out and 3D'd the crazy prof. and his glass vials, and stuck them on an old picture I found of an ancient laboratory, and a bit of a coool writing desk to sit him behind. I coloured him in my graphics programme and gave him some bloodshot eyes for added crazyness !!   I did add the Divas in my graphics programme too,  'cos I wanted to make them semi-see-through 'cos they are supposed to be inside the glass. :-)

So GO..... create, my Lovlies.... be freeeeee and let your wickedness prevail  !!!!   :-D

Saturday 13 August 2011


Hi Everyone,

There is a new Weekly Challenge just started on Mondays over at  Smudgy Antics . This week's Theme is SPLAT - Create a project that features splatter, drops, splodges, or blots.
Well, that leaves the imagination open doesn't it ????? 
*You must use AT LEAST 1 Smeared Ink image on your project. You are allowed to use anything else that you like.

*The weekly winner will be chosen by random number and revealed on Sunday morning. Prizes will vary and may range from a free digi to a coupon to a blog badge.*
This is my entry using 'Marine' papers & embellies from Digi Design Resort and a couple of Stitchy Dolls from Smeared Ink's  "Stitchy Situation". I stuck them on with silicone and made my own sentiment taggy. :-D
I've been quite reserved with my splats today and just put a little teensy bit for effect - but the creation is actually called 'Splat' so that fits eh ???!!!


Hello Everyone,
This is just a quickie as I still have this stinking head cold, which is now migrating to my chest :-(                    Eck - It's far too hot to have a cold !!!!  :-(
Anyways, this week at SSDS our sponsor is Robyn's Fetish and our theme is a Photo Inspiration with an Oriental feel.
I have used ALL papers from Robyn's Fetish for my card and have 'paper pieced' the clothing of my little Midori. Isn't she delightful - she is from Mami Doodles.
I have also used some red cord, a peel-off sentiment and the flowers are from Petaloo.

Friday 12 August 2011


Hello Everyone,

Today I am suffering from a massive cold and am going back to bed as soon as I post this entry.  :-(
I thought you all might like a nice fireplace this week... getting ready to hang Christmas Stockings on ???
I will hopefully be feeling more energetic and inspired next week.... hope you forgive my slackness this week :-)



Good Morning Everyone,

Over at Simply Create this time our theme is Distressing and our sponsor is Dude Time Doodles.
I have used papers and elements from Peppermint Creative and 'Count Vladimir' from the Dudes. Isn't he FAB ??

I hope you come over and join us this time. :-D

Thursday 11 August 2011


Hi Everyone and welcome to the SMEARED & SMUDGED August Members BLOG HOP. The Theme this time is 'PAINT'. We were invited to get all sploshy and smeary but I don't often do that, so I have gone all clean and crisp with mine... just to be contrary ...hee hee haa haa..... that's me always fighting against the system :-D      Weeellll.. you know how it is.... if you're not in smeary/sploshy mood.. it just don't happen does it ????? I did give it a final flick though just to splosh it up a teensy bit .. larf.
So....... I have called this piece "The Life of The Grey Man" .......

For the backing, I drew out this intricate pattern and then coloured it with red and black poster paints. This takes a loooooong time as the colours swap over every time a line is crossed !!! I made a couple of mistakes but it doesn't really notice. :-D
Inside the circle in the centre there is some word art to symbolise the Grey Man's life, and on top of this I have used the stunning 'FemDom - Dominatrix' from Smeared Ink. She has been cut out and applied with silicone for 3D effect. I applied a little sentiment taggy too and then blobbed on some red paint. You don't know how hard that was for me to do after all that intricate painting !!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, there she is, so now you are off to see the rest of the awesome creations by the other Members. I do hope you enjoy the Hop.
Thank you for visiting :-D
Here's the list in case you get lost...............
Ike - That's Me  :-D


Monday 8 August 2011



Well.................. you knew it was gonna happen sometime didn't you ???? bwaahahahahahaa

This is my entry for Haunted Design House Macabre Monday Challenge HDH101 - KREEPY KIDS.
Now you all know who this is, so there's no need to mention it, BUT she is teamed up with MY very own 'Goblin' digi, so we'll make a big thing about that instead shall we ????? !!!
He's not in the shop as I haven't quite finished messing with him yet... and anyways, I don't want to scare off potential customers  larf !!

I think my week at Smudgefest has seriously damaged my health  (enter Manic laughter here !!!!!!)

See ya  !         xxxxxxxxxx

Challenges I am entering;
Forever Night Challenges - Week 3 - Freaky Friday


Well, well Beloveds.... we find ourselves at the end of this marathon of creepyness over at Smudgy Antics , and I really think I've kept myself under control quite nicely  bwaahahahahaha :-D
Today is the last day and our theme today is  'SYNONYMOUS SUNDAY'..... there is even a FREEBIE to use in the Challenge..... limited to today only.... quick, ....whizz over there and snag one !!!!!
Now, because she is a rat, and rats are synonymous with the Plague (oooh, there's posh for you..) I have based my creation on just that.
I have constructed a pop-out step card. The backdrop picture is "The Plague in Ashod" painted by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) which is currently in the Louvre. One of the best known plagues was called the Athenian Plague  which occurred 430-426 BC during the Peloponnesian War, which counted amongst it's victims the famous Pericles.
There - enough history...
The second layer coming forward, depicts a plague pit and also has a picture of an early lithograph of a doctor's/undertaker's outfit, which was worn during plague times.
In front, I have used Black Skulls paper, from 3 Hearts 'Halloween' papers at the Digital Scrap Cafe. I have printed 'Calypso' - the rat, twice after colouring her in my graphics programme,  and decoupaged her with silicone to get the 3D effect. I prefer silicone to foam pads 'cos you can jiggle things around a bit before it dries.
Either side of her I have made plates using my Nestabilities upon which it says:
    Έτσι ήρθε η πανούκλα            which is Greek,  and translates as
 "Thus came the Plague".......

And there you have it........
Challenges I am entering:
Crazy4Challenges  C4C99 - Shape it Up - anything not normal shape haha
Marks Finest Papers - Speedy Cat's Friends Challenge Week 67..Anything BUT Standard

Saturday 6 August 2011


Well Peeps,

We are still battling away here but soooo very near the end. It's been an absolute blast over at Smudgy Antics for the Smudgefest and there have been the most awesome creations on show there. :-)
Today - Day 6 - we have a Sketch for you...

That leaves it way open for you to use any of your Smeared Ink Stamps/Digis. I am sure having fun using mine.... but there's always room for a few more :-D  The final really has an AWESOME prize.
My creation today is an 8" square piece. I have used background papers from Peppermint Creative's  'Witches Brew', and Three Hearts - 'Halloween papers', from Digital Scrap Cafe.
My hearse image and sentiment is from Smeared Ink - "Death Cab" set, and the lady is one of my own Digis, and I coloured her in my graphics programme. She is available in my Shop. I am sure she would look just as lovely in pink or another pretty, pretty colour, but today she has to be sad to go with my S.I image. Flowers were made from co-ordinating paper with my Nellie Snellen punch/emboss set. 

Can't wait to find out what we are doing tomorrow. !! :-D
See you there ?


Happy Saturday Everyone,

A little bit of normality in the middle of the Dark stuff now...... today is a new Challenge over at Stamp, Scrap & Doodle Saturdays and our theme this time is 'Friendship'. Our lovely sponsor this time is Paper Fashions etc. and we were lucky enough to be given some images to play with.

I have used "Friends Share Everything" for my card and I have made an Easel card. The front image is 'Merry Party 7'  from Nice Crane Designs. I "paper pieced" the two dogs with spotty fur and brown fur,  and mounted them with foam pads onto a plate cut with my Sizzix using a Cuttlebug folder - 'Grace's Frame'. The front of the card is covered with some beige card that I ran through my Sizzix using a Textured Impressions folder - 'Peppermint Twists', which I then lightly chalked with pink. The flowers are from Petaloo with centres I cut from beige paper using a Nellie Snellen punch, and some green leaves using a Sizzix die.
Inside there is a matching plate on which I printed my Friendship image, which was coloured in my graphics programme. And there we are ....   :-D
Challenges I am entering:
Glitter Geeks Challenge Wk 9 - Furry & Feathery Friends
Forever Friends & Co - Pastel Colours (must include an animal)
Fab 'n' Funky Challenge 84 - Friendship


Hello Macabre Mateys,

Well, here we are on Day 5 already and your Challenge today is to create a project using a flowing medium. Some examples could be watercolor, liquid ink, liquid glues, thinned out acrylics, etc....
I have made a 3D scene using a piece of marble embedded in concrete that I found the other day as I walked home up the mountain :-) It's really cool and I was saving it for when inspiration hit me. OK, so it did today as I really wanted to use a new digi that I bought last night.... she's sooooo fab. :-)
OK - I'm going to show it to you in bits and work up to the finished article......
I have used 'Open Torso' by Smeared Ink, from their Gross Anatomy set. I coloured him with Copics in a flesh colour with added pinky/red and quite a bit of pale green to make his flesh look manky :-) He has been cut out and draped over my marble 'tombstone' in a kinda dead sort of fashion  hahahaha. 

This is where my 'Flowing' element is... I have mixed up some lovely blood coloured acrylic and dribbled it on and let it flow where it wanted to :-D

Next I would like to introduce you to "Angel" by MarloDee Designs.  I think she's gorgeous... dark in a cheeky sort of way :-D. Well, I think she may have been a bit naughty here...... or maybe she just stumbled across him by accident..... who knows  ????!!!!
I have made her into a 3D image by printing her 5 times and layering her up.

I have used my gravestone digi I made before and the backdrop is from Visual Paradox.
Right - now a shot of the whole thing.............................................................................

There we are folks, a  little teensy bit gory/grisly, but hopefully you'll see this after you've eaten or it might put you off your dinner  !!!!  bwaaahahahaha
Challenges I am entering:
Crafty Purple Frog - Anything but a Card


Hello My little Furry Friends,
This month on Forever Friends & Co Monthly Challenge, we invite you to make a Card with a Bag. We are sponsored by Crafts U Love who are giving......................  as a prize, so let's see your creativity really flow. :-D
I have used a template from Mel Stampz to make my bag. You can download the template and instructions HERE.
I decided to go with a wild animal theme and have used papers from a Simply Susan Godfrey Designs kit entitled "Zoo 2 You".  I made some fake teeth from clay and tied them together with string and attached them to the front of the bag. The little Lion embellishment on my card is one of my own Digis, which can be found in my Shop. I have printed him 3 times and decoupaged him for a 3D effect.

Sorry about this - my list from a loooong time ago said 'card with a bag' and it should be card with a 'pocket',  but hey-ho. LoL

Friday 5 August 2011


Yep - I'm sorry Peeps but we CAN'T have number 13 ... it's just NOT going to happen LoL
It's really mega busy this week with  the Smudgefest at Smudgy Antics going on, so you are right slap bang in the middle of some scary/creepy/gory stuff.... so those of you who are squeamish or of a nervous disposition.. shut your eyes. :-)
Oh yes, did I tell you.... I made it onto the SMEARED INK DESIGN TEAM !!!  YAY :-D
However, it does mean that my Dark Side has crept a little more to the fore...... snort :-)
So, here is your Freebie for this week - it's a little depiction of Godshill Church, on the Isle of Wight, where I used to live. (Not in the actual church of course !!!!) hahahahahaha

                                                IMAGE REMOVED

Now, I know it's not very exciting but I was really short of time, and it will please my scene lovers I think. !   I will get round to doing some of your requests.... eventually... but August looks like being a bit manic so far. !!!!
Byeeeeee    xxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday 4 August 2011


Hi there Scary Peeps,

Today on Day 4 of the Smudgefest at Smudgy Antics, the Challenge is "Twisted Thursday".
Make an ATC with a "twist". You can interpret "twist" any way you want to.
ATC size: 3 1/2" x 2 1/2".

I made a Twisted Easel ATC.
For my ATC I have used a backing paper from Peppermint Creative's Mini Kit "Haunted Halloween" on the front and inside it's the Beige Skull paper from the Digital Scrap Cafe, 'Halloween Papers', because the beige matches my stripes on the front paper.
The front image - the mad 'Scientist'  and the sentiment are both from Smeared Ink's  "Mad Science"  set. I coloured the crazy chap in my graphics programme and then printed him twice to 3D his hand and his face :-D   He is holding a long sewing pin !!

On the inside is a poor little stitchy chap from the "Stitchy Situation" set, also by Smeared Ink , so they've had a double whammy today to make up for me only using 1 sentiment and a couple of bats yesterday :-D. !! The poor little guy was also coloured in my graphics programme9he's actually pale pink !!) and  he was then unceremoniously skewered onto the card by Dr Mad with another sewing pin (and a little bit of silicone hee hee). It's OK - that isn't my blood. hahahaha

It was really wierd for me working on such a tiny scale, but it came out ok. :-D
Challenges I am entering:
DYSU No.31 - Black With A Pop of Colour


Hello My Freaky Peeps,
You are all getting a bit bombarded with the Dark stuff this week eh? what with the Smudgefest going on ..... never fear, things will calm down a little after the weekend ... that is until we get into 31 days of Halloween throughout October bwaahahahahahaha  :-D           I think I'm definitely going to have to open a Dark Side blog and leave this one for the pretty, pretties.... or there again, open the new one for them :-D   Since this Blog is called Ike's World and my world is kinda dark and gory, I think this fits better. hee hee   What say you ???
Anyways, here is a little something I made up for my Skellie Art series. I made this into an ATC (my 1st) which I sent all the way to the USA to a friend of mine, who gave me a fabbo banner and a goody bag - Thanks Susan xx   She's really into the Mona Lisa, so I messed around with the masterpiece (just a tad hee hee) and I can publish it now 'cos she has received it, and I didn't want to spoil the surprise. :-)
Here she is..... the "Bona Lisa"  ... get it ??? .... hahahaha

Wednesday 3 August 2011


Hi Folks,
I was really into Vincent Price today  so I whipped up another one for the Smudgefest Day 3 over at Smudgy Antics  AND 100th Challenge over at Haunted Design House

I used papers and elements from Peppermint Creative's  'Haunted Halloween Kit' and added extra embellies from The Digital Scrap Cafe - Halloween. Photo of VP is from his Web site. I also added some 3D bats from Smeared Ink  - 'A Little Bit Batty' digi set - I LOVE my Smeared Ink bats :-D


Hello Everyone,
Welcome to Wicked Wednesday and Day 3 of the Smudgefest over on Smudgy Antics. Today it is a Colour Challenge and here is your pallette..

For my Creation today I have  done a portrait of the fabulous Vincent Price a la  Andy Warhol !! :-D    I colour picked the pallette and changed the hue of the original photograph in my graphics programme. I think I got it quite close.  :-) For the rest of the creation I have used papers and elements from Peppermint Creative "Haunted Halloween" set and I have used the sentiment "Dr Terror" from the Mad Science set from Smeared Ink.

I used the image 4 times in different colours, then smeared them with Versamark and liberally sprinkled them with Amazing Glaze. I then heated it and it made a lovely bobbly shiny finish which looks pretty cool. :-D
I am also entering him over at Haunted Design House - HDH100 - Varying Visages of Vincent. They are celebrating their 100th Challenge so there is some Blog Candy available if you pop over and have a look :-D

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Haunted Design House's 100th challenge!

Hey Peeps,
HDH are celebrating their 100th Challenge and have a great pot of CANDY to give away. You can find all the details AND a mini Blog Hop AND this week's Challenge - which is all about Vincent Price (dontcha just Luuurrvve him ???) if you go HERE

Take a gander at this CANDY .....


Hello Peeps,
Today's Challenge is Terrifying Tuesday - create a project using your favourite scary image from Smeared Ink. Well, I love bats and I have used one from the digi set 'A Little Bit Batty', which is one of my newest favourites.
I have constructed this in a triangle. I printed a picture of a cave mouth onto A4 card and folded it in half and folded back 2 side wings of 4cm each. Then I ptinted the same picture again  and made 2 further pieces for the front  - one slightly in front of the other.
Inside the cave is my Deamon, which I drew this morning.  He is a digi  image, done with my Wacom. He is suspended inside the cave by a thin strip of acetate which goes through slits at either side.
The crowning glory is, of course, the bat from Smeared Ink. I printed him out 5 times and have layered him to make him 3D.
I took several photos from different angles so you can get the idea.
Thanks for looking  :-D   .........  hope you sleep well ......... bwaahahahahaha

Challenges I am entering:

Monday 1 August 2011


Hello Peeps,
This is going to be a pretty long Blog today and we have entered Day 1 of the Smudgefest Challenge over at Smudgy Antics. There is a stonkingly amazing Prize at the end of the week - for full details go HERE.  Today’s challenge is to “Create a bi-polar project that showcases two opposites.
OK, well the reason that this Blog entry will be looooooong, is that I have made a Mini Album and have used loads of stuff, so therefore there are a lot of pictures and credits to be given....

Hahahahaha - NO that's just the joke bit.

(Scientist from the Mad Science Set by Smeared Ink, and Oscar the Polar bear from The Stamp Fairy)
Here is a pikkie of the album as is.....

Right, Page 1...
The lovely door and bricks Digis is by DigiSparkle. Sentiment is made by me.

Page 2....
Pink Backing paper, flowers and leaves by Dani Salles Design at Digital Scrap Cafe. Sentiment by me.
Page 3...
'Hostess with the Mostess' digi from Amberink. Sentiment by me. Doily from stash.

Page 4...
Picture from out my window and sentiment by me.
Page 5...
Door by Digisparkle. Sentiment and sparkle bit by me.

Page 6...
Black skull paper from Dani Salles Design at the Digital Scrap Cafe. Sentiment tag by me.
Page 7...
Background paper by Dani Salles Design. 'Femdom Dominatrix' from Smeared Ink. Sentiment tag by me.

All joined together with a black ribbon from my stash.
Phew !!!  And that's it.
I am going to enter Priscilla into the Cupcake Craft Room  August Challenge - 'Soft & Sweet' 'cos at least she is  !!